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Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Pages 12-13

This is actually my first time doing a double-page scene like this and boy did this take a lot out of me! I honestly thought last page was tough, but this one came out so much better than I thought it was going to be. This shouldn't (and really doesn't) make up for the fact that I did not upload last week, but hey it's """"""technically"""""" two pages.

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 11

This page was BRUTAL! Holy crap I can't believe we actually did that! Jokes aside, this page actually became a lot more horrifying based on what the script originally called for. I've been trying to incorporate more action into the pages and this page just needed a little more oomph. I realize now that Curse Quest is not really keeping its unofficial PG rating like we were originally going for, but I'm not really complaining that much, haha!

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 10

First page of the first year y'all! I just quit one of my part time jobs and I'm hoping that 2019 will be the year that I can finally have consistent uploads for y'all! David (co-creator, and co-host of two different shows) has been able to consistently make our episodes of the Infinite Adventures podcast and honestly that's really something I aspire to be able to do. So cheers. Here's to the rest of the Year!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 13

That's how I feel.
So yeah, our files and stuff for Curse Quest behind the scenes is starting to get more organized and professionally. I feel like I want to upload the script somewhere for pages we've completed. Would that sound fun? I don't know. Oh yeah, so obviously we'd have to postpone our "Contest" for the Tavern's name until............. Just let us know what the Tavern should be called and we might or might not choose a name. But we also might! Or not. Who knows. Also I should just own up on a hiatus next time instead of just posting so late and hoping for the best. If you like what you saw just leave a little message below. :D Now and always, JohnnyV!