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Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 28

Here we are now guys. After way too long of a build up, we finally have the Ulvorns (big Owl Bears) appearing. I thought it would be fun to make each bear based on a different breed of bear and owl. Although through artistic license I may not have done them justice. If you want to guess what owl and bears the Black and White Ulvorns are made of that'd be swell, just leave a comment below.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 21

So, yeah, the uh... Hmmm... I'm running out of hedge words... This is the new page for today! And also school just started for me today so that's cool! I went to my Accounting class, but it turns out the class was cancelled for like the whole semester because "not enough students registered" and now I'm only taking Political Science. Welp, gotta sign up for classes late again I suppose. Anyways, here's the page and as always, ENJOY!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 20

It sure has been a while since we've since Minerva and the Owl Hunter proper. But now we're going to see a little bit of Requiem/Minerva interaction! I just love seeing the two characters interact and next to eachother, its mostly just the size difference I find adorable, that and Requiem getting excited talking to someone who isn't Walrus or Avalon.

I'd ask a question or something, but I'm much too tired to do so. Good night everybody. Bleh.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 15

So yeah, this page was a doozy. No wonder we quit a while back. So HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! One of my resolutions this year is to actually update consistently, and this is our newest page. This is by far my favorite page yet, mostly because it came out so beautifully.

THIS TOOK ME 13 AND A HALF HOURS TO MAKE!!!! I don't want to do more crowd scenes any more...

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 14

So, procrastination is terrible when you start binge-watching good shows. So I personally blame this page delay on Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar for creating Gravity Falls and Steven Universe (respectively). But seriously, I missed the Curse Quest gang. I also keep forgetting that what I post is so far behind from where the story is, and I feel bad for that. But we have big plans coming up for Curse Quest!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 12

This one took a while, but I think the comic will continue looking like this (no more weird experimental pages). I finally got comfortable drawing the comic and started doing more work on my backgrounds which to be fair still kinda suck. But hey, it's getting there! Thanks for reading everyone! Also if you have any ideas for the name of the Tavern be sure to let us know! We are accepting names and the name we like submitted by a reader will also receive a piece of artwork of their choice by me!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 11

Coffee fixes all of life's problems. Unless you are a coffee addict. Then I guess that's just worse. The point I'm trying to make is that I have no point other than I made the page update on time, or at least on-time-ish. I'm like 20 minutes off, but whatevs. I can't sleep but that's fine. Also work is still a thing. I'm really going to be pissed at myself in the morning with the me that wrote this author comment. You're welcome future me. I swear I'm not drunk. I don't drink. Alcohol that is. I drink coffee though. Sorry Johnny 7 hours from now.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 10

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a month, here's the dealio: I've been off from work for a week now (I'm on vacation with my family. Done camping and now I'm going to the beach)I'm trying to keep up with the comic I really am! Also I have to sign up for classes soon and go to the *gasp* doctor. Just check up stuff, but as an adult male in America it is one of those things you don't like doing.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 9

So yeah, here's this week's page. We are introducing another brand new character and she's a *gasp* girl. I realize it shouldn't be a big deal, but yeah, this is our very first female character to appear in Curse Quest, it only took us over a year. Jokes aside, her name is Minerva Wiseclaw and well, you'll see the rest I guess. I will be at the zoo today, which may actually be pretty disappointing considering I just saw Jurassic World and the giraffes aren't exactly brachiosaurs.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 6

So last week I didn't update, but that's coo I guess. It's the last two weeks of class right now at school (College for you Muricans, University for everyone else). And we're proud to show our stuff! Here we are finally showing our newest character a bit more, you might recognize him from a while back and we're going to see him more.