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Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Pages 12-13

This is actually my first time doing a double-page scene like this and boy did this take a lot out of me! I honestly thought last page was tough, but this one came out so much better than I thought it was going to be. This shouldn't (and really doesn't) make up for the fact that I did not upload last week, but hey it's """"""technically"""""" two pages.

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 11

This page was BRUTAL! Holy crap I can't believe we actually did that! Jokes aside, this page actually became a lot more horrifying based on what the script originally called for. I've been trying to incorporate more action into the pages and this page just needed a little more oomph. I realize now that Curse Quest is not really keeping its unofficial PG rating like we were originally going for, but I'm not really complaining that much, haha!

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 10

First page of the first year y'all! I just quit one of my part time jobs and I'm hoping that 2019 will be the year that I can finally have consistent uploads for y'all! David (co-creator, and co-host of two different shows) has been able to consistently make our episodes of the Infinite Adventures podcast and honestly that's really something I aspire to be able to do. So cheers. Here's to the rest of the Year!

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 9

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and will be having a Happy New Year as well. Get those resolutions you'll be sure to forget well into February ready guys! Pfft... Time to lose some weight or whatever. Oh yeah, we've been regularly updating our podcast "Infinite Adventures" where we play the Strange Aeons adventure path from Paizo's Pathfinder game. So go check that out if you can! Also the finale of "Spectrum Files: Blank Slate" on "Infinite Canvas"! Both shows available on iTunes and Google Play!

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 7

Hey Y'all! I've recently graduated from college (officially!) and I'm really excited to get back on the comic horse. Anyways, I just came back from Florida and boy is the beach... well, I don't personally like the beach but I did get to meet Keltyzoid the creator of Nightlight! We had milkshakes and explored a decrepit old mall! Back on topic, the current website is shit. It really is. I've always hated posting on here because it's a terribly ugly site and I'm going to be fixing that in the next few weeks!

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 6

Happy 4th to those of you who live in jolly ol' America. I myself was born right here in Texas, but as some of you may know I'm of Colombian and Salvadoran descent. "My People" played against England yesterday in the World Cup and I'm not the biggest sports fan, but it was nice to see the game even if I don't necessarily care about football (I'm sorry I mean soccer, Americans). We lost, but that's alright I guess, I'm used to failure anyways

Curse Quest Chapter 2: Saving Face Page 3

Hey y'all, here's Johnny! I hope you guys enjoy today's page! I had a lot of trouble learning how to do backgrounds properly (did I learn anything, probably not). In other news me and David started a brand new PODCAST! It's called the "Infinite Canvas" and it is available on iTunes! We talk about brand new comic ideas and hopefully y'all'll enjoy it too!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 29

I've taken it upon myself to actually work on the website I paid for so long ago! It's still under construction, but one of the benefits we hope to get out of it is to have fans see the content here before it appears on Comic Fury. So if you could totally bear with us while this is going on that would be super swell!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 27

So, this page took alot longer to make than anticipated. But what can you do? OHH. So I just had a walk-in interview at an Office Depot and I so hope I get the job!! I'm reaaallly tired of working in Fast Food and I realize that I will not get any respect at a retail job like Office Depot, but I also can't stand working with food.

On a different note, we are reaaaalllly close to surpassing the 300 ranking threshold on TopWebcomics!!! If you can just click the link at the top that would be super appreciated!!!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 24

We have finally unveiled our official introduction of Mogarth. The original comic had all the characters already together, but now we have our first true meet-up! Mogarth's character has really been changed up since the last time around and we really hope you enjoy his inclusion in the story.

On an unrelated note, I finished my final for my Accounting I class. *Yay* But my Accounting II class starts Monday. *Boo*

Y'all take care now! Bye bye then.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 23

Knock knock Readers.

What's that you weren't expecting our first update today? Neither was I!!! JK, we were planning to have this page out today!

So we really hope you like this page, since our story is starting to... start?

I am certain this is not grammatically structured properly...

We are going to have updates every Friday so we don't go overboard.

Y'all take care now! Bye bye then.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 21

So, yeah, the uh... Hmmm... I'm running out of hedge words... This is the new page for today! And also school just started for me today so that's cool! I went to my Accounting class, but it turns out the class was cancelled for like the whole semester because "not enough students registered" and now I'm only taking Political Science. Welp, gotta sign up for classes late again I suppose. Anyways, here's the page and as always, ENJOY!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 20

It sure has been a while since we've since Minerva and the Owl Hunter proper. But now we're going to see a little bit of Requiem/Minerva interaction! I just love seeing the two characters interact and next to eachother, its mostly just the size difference I find adorable, that and Requiem getting excited talking to someone who isn't Walrus or Avalon.

I'd ask a question or something, but I'm much too tired to do so. Good night everybody. Bleh.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 15

So yeah, this page was a doozy. No wonder we quit a while back. So HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! One of my resolutions this year is to actually update consistently, and this is our newest page. This is by far my favorite page yet, mostly because it came out so beautifully.

THIS TOOK ME 13 AND A HALF HOURS TO MAKE!!!! I don't want to do more crowd scenes any more...