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Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 29

I've taken it upon myself to actually work on the website I paid for so long ago! It's still under construction, but one of the benefits we hope to get out of it is to have fans see the content here before it appears on Comic Fury. So if you could totally bear with us while this is going on that would be super swell!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 28

Here we are now guys. After way too long of a build up, we finally have the Ulvorns (big Owl Bears) appearing. I thought it would be fun to make each bear based on a different breed of bear and owl. Although through artistic license I may not have done them justice. If you want to guess what owl and bears the Black and White Ulvorns are made of that'd be swell, just leave a comment below.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 9

So yeah, here's this week's page. We are introducing another brand new character and she's a *gasp* girl. I realize it shouldn't be a big deal, but yeah, this is our very first female character to appear in Curse Quest, it only took us over a year. Jokes aside, her name is Minerva Wiseclaw and well, you'll see the rest I guess. I will be at the zoo today, which may actually be pretty disappointing considering I just saw Jurassic World and the giraffes aren't exactly brachiosaurs.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 8

We finally see that pesky Owl Bear going down! So we here at the headquarters where we make our comics (I actually mean our respective homes) we have come to the decision that we will be trying to release new comic titles (like one or two more, depends on what we can do) so we'll see. In the meantime if you likes what you saw don't hesitate to drop a comment below!

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 7

So, we finally have the storyboard for the entire first chapter finished and yes I haven't update in two weeks. You didn't think I'd notice did you. I didn't forget, I've just been busy. On the plus side I did super awesome this semester at school! Also please comment if you like what's going on so far! It sure helps me feel like I'm making this for someone other than myself! With lots of love and other stuff.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 6

So last week I didn't update, but that's coo I guess. It's the last two weeks of class right now at school (College for you Muricans, University for everyone else). And we're proud to show our stuff! Here we are finally showing our newest character a bit more, you might recognize him from a while back and we're going to see him more.

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 5

Last week's update was a little sloppy. For this I say I'm sorry. However, this update has come out wonderfully! This page allowed me to play around with action finally and I learned a new way to shade that is much easier and more efficient than my previous one. This may very well be one of my favorite pages I've ever made. :D

Curse Quest Chapter 1: Quest to Quest-Con Page 3

Because I know it would piss someone off if I did this instead of posting an actual update my author comment will be a review of the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

I went into this movie expecting to see a coherent plot about how the world of Mario works. Instead I got something about dinosaurs instead of anything intelligent I would have expected. Yoshi was not what I wanted where was Peach? Why were Koopas humans? This movie made me question a lot. Also this is what I would call a "Sidekick Movie". A Sidekick Movie is when the title of the movie has the main character of another series in it, but the ACTUAL main character is the sidekick. So this movie is actually about Luigi. This movie is essentially just Luigi saves Princess Daisy the Movie, featuring Toad and Yoshi (also Mario probably).

Great movie 12/10 would watch again (not sarcastic).