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Spectrum Files 11: Scarlet Fever 1

It's a high speed chase in the streets of Dallas! Alison and James fight off hijackers attempting to grab Dr. Thorne's corpse. Alison does some weird magic stuff that might have some serious repercussions. Listen to us exploit the hell out of James' powers.

Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files 10: What in Carnation (Ft. Joseph Fisher)

We are joined this episode by none other than Joseph Fisher of the Rather Righteous Podcast and A Study in Expression!

Ancile and Shadow enter a newly grown jungle in the heart of the Dallas Botanical Gardens and are met by Tulip the Mandrake who helps them find his mom and get the trapped civilians out of harms way!

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Ross Bugden and Joseph Fisher (He's in it too! :D)