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Infinite Canvas Episode 33: Twice Upon a Time

John and David are joined by returning alumni Donovan Riney and also for the first time on this show Justin Tran! Basically the whole crew from our other podcast, "Infinite Adventures". Today we play the game "Once Upon a Time" again and weave a tale of fantasy, marital infidelity and syphilis!

Intro/outro by Ross Budgen. Other music by Kevin Macleod.

Infinite Canvas Episode 20: Once Upon a Time

Original Upload: July 17, 2018

John and David are visited today by their good friend Phil! The three of them gather around the proverbial table to tell a tale of a nasty ogre named William and his two-nosed face. The three storytellers fight over control for the story to tell their ending and thwart the other two of the satisfaction of telling their ending. John reminds us how bad he is at games, and Phil delights everyone. Intro and outro are "Adventures" by A Himitsu.