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Spectrum Files 11: Scarlet Fever 1

It's a high speed chase in the streets of Dallas! Alison and James fight off hijackers attempting to grab Dr. Thorne's corpse. Alison does some weird magic stuff that might have some serious repercussions. Listen to us exploit the hell out of James' powers.

Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files 10: What in Carnation (Ft. Joseph Fisher)

We are joined this episode by none other than Joseph Fisher of the Rather Righteous Podcast and A Study in Expression!

Ancile and Shadow enter a newly grown jungle in the heart of the Dallas Botanical Gardens and are met by Tulip the Mandrake who helps them find his mom and get the trapped civilians out of harms way!

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Ross Bugden and Joseph Fisher (He's in it too! :D)

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 9

The Finale of the first Spectrum Files arc! It's been a blast doing these and we hope you guys have been enjoying them too! After the spaceship crashes into the Spectrum Tower and a large mass of Null infiltrates the tower, Ancile jumps into action trying to find survivors. Meanwhile, Mu and Shadow fight a strange Hard Light Wisp of sorts as it relays its plans for all to hear. Will our heroes defeat the Wisp and stop the Null?

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 7

Original Upload: November 20, 2018

Our heroes, still down in the sewer find out some final terrible truths about the world at large and their current situation. They get into a tussle with a mutant creature of sorts. Music by Kevin MacLeod and Ross Bugden.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 6

Original Upload: October 2, 2018

Our heroes arrive to the mysterious underground lab and talk to things that weren't meant to be spoken with. James ponders on ethical dilemmas. Gremlin keeps on being a creepy mofo. Alison makes more frenemies. Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 5

Original Upload: September 18, 2018

Alison and James regroup with Gremlin in Spectrum Tower. Can they rescue Speight despite their circumstances? James and Alison grow as people, meanwhile Gremlin rummages around and does some collecting. Underground secrets are revealed. Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 4

Original Upload: September 4, 2018

Alison and James go back to the scene of the crime to see if they can find any new leads on their null investigation. They bump into another familiar face (alot of that in this show right?) Gremlin and Speight infiltrate Spectrum Tower and things go south. Files will be accessed. Bikes will be rode. And Flips will be made.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 3

Original Upload: August 21, 2018

Shadow deals with the Redemption Squad again and has a run-in with their mentor Nightingale. The three arrange a meeting with a familiar face again in order to find out how the hell Null was brought to life and why it's taking over peoples bodies. Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 2

Original Upload: August 14, 2018

Gremlin, Alison and James have to deal with the cops after the kids who broke into Gremlin's lab took back Dr. Speight. On top of that Gremlin's research assistants are still trapped downstairs and have been put in a zombie-like state thanks to Null poisoning. Music by Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Spectrum Files: Blank Slate 1

Original Upload: August 1, 2018

Shadow, a mystical hero of the night and James (Unfortunately known to the public as Combat Commando), bring in a beaten up man to Gremlin, a strange man(?), to fix him up. They hear a bump in the night and find out their trapped inside. Music by various artists: Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.