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Latest Update Mar 25 Spectrum Files 11: Scarlet Fever 1

Infinite Canvas

A variety show where John Vanegas and David Faz discuss new comic book ideas, their thoughts on their favorite media and find ways to bring their characters and worlds to life. Join us on the Infinite Canvas for a good time, a bad time and see what infinity has in store.

The show is structured in kind of a weird way, but that’s just a byproduct of our extremely experimental and nuanced approach of “““““writing”””””. A bit of our procedure to comic writing has defaulted to role playing in some way or another, be it as loosey-goosey as having zero structure or as masochistic as having to use pre-existing games to gives us more rigid guidelines. Either way you still get a bunch of nerds blathering on about whatever dumb ideas circulate in their minds.

  • First 10 Episodes are all over the place, some are us just talking about Paul Blart or our one-on-one fights.

  • Champions of Centra: 8 Episodes of us dicking around in Pathfinder with our weird fantasy creations.

  • Spectrum Files: Our main focus at the moment. Conspiracy, tragedy and danger are growing in the heart of the DFW and the area’s greatest heroes, Spectrum haven’t been enough. A new group emerges in their shadow but learn that heroing isn’t a walk in the park.

Updates every other Tuesday!

Next Episode [Spectrum Files 12: Scarlet Fever 2] Scheduled April 9th!


Latest Update Mar 28 Strange Aeons 18: Too Ghoul for School

Infinite Adventures

Dungeon Master David Faz throws three victims into a macabre hybrid world, one part Dungeons and Dragons, one part Lovecraft, tapping into the dark forbidden corners of your mind and combining it with a love for stupid rules and fun characters. Played using the Pathfinder Adventure Path "Strange Aeons".

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with Strange Aeons even death may die..." -HP Lovecraft

  • Strange Aeons Book 1: In Search of Sanity [Episodes 1-18 (Present)]

Updates every Thursday!

Next Episode [Strange Aeons 19] Scheduled April 9th!